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9 Star Ki (Feng Shui Astrology)
Photography by David Walters

2017 Year of the Fire Rooster

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9 Star Ki

2018: 9 Fire
April: 3 Wood (+)
Profile: 9 . 3 . 2

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5 star


5 star - 5 house

5 EARTH Star

A pivotal star, the Centre, it is representative of the axis to which all the other stars revolve. These people are often the centre of things and are in touch with all the other stars. This star often experiences turbulence and many ups-and-downs in their life. Extremely strong characters, they can control situations well and have the ability to lead.

Trigram: none
Colour: rich browns
Element: EARTH
Direction: Centre
Organs: Stomach, spleen, pancreas
Family Member: Additional (7th) Child

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Personalised 9 Star Ki Chart for 2017Personalised 9 Star Ki Chart for 2017

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