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2017 Year of the Fire Rooster

9 Star Ki

2018: 9 Fire
June: 1 Water (+)
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Feng Shui, translated literally as ‘Wind and Water’, is the study and appreciation of the invisible cosmic energy that shapes and affects us and our surroundings. This energy or ‘Chi’ can be positive ‘Sheng’ Chi or negative ‘Sha’ Chi, which flows around and through our environment, in all things living and inanimate. Feng Shui also originates from the ‘Yin/Yang’ theory of opposites and cyclical harmony; male/female, dark/light and the five Taoist elements.

Shown as a broken line (Yin) or solid line (Yang), they form eight Trigrams, shown below in what’s known as the ‘Later Heaven’ arrangement. These Trigrams form an eight sided symbol shown below known as the ‘Pa Kua’ or ‘Bagua’.

Each Trigram corresponds to the main cardinal and sub-cardinal directions of the compass and to the main aspirations of ones life. Other concepts of Feng Shui include the Taoist concept of the five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water; and the numerology of the magic ‘Lo Shu’ square which is one of the oldest Feng Shui tools, discovered over 4000 years ago.

Together these philosophies and theories form a compass for the living and numerous formulas to tap into auspicious and more positive, luckier energy.


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