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Fish Tank Feng Shui

Feng Shui as a set of rules can be applied to anything. So why not your fish tank?

As a keeper of tropical fish I have now, three tanks, full of healthy and reproducing fish. I put this down mainly to the normal proper upkeep of any aquarium but in particular the time and effort spent in making sure their main source of Chi - water and food is top quality.

Where to put a fish tank?

Using the productive cycle of the elements a fish tank would be appropriate in the East, South East or North of any house or room, as these directions relate to wood and water respectively, so are either in balance r acting as support. This is why South East is much recommended as it is supportive of the wood element, hence boosting the attributes of this location, i.e. wealth, relating to the compass school method.

Number of Fish?

I think that as long as they are all healthy and happy any number would be good. Currently being in an 8 Fate period, it would be great to have 8 goldfish and possibly an additional black fish to make 9, promoting the future outlook of the next fate period.

I tend to try and keep fish in an odd number and preferably more than 4.

to be continued...