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2017 Year of the Fire Rooster

9 Star Ki

2018: 9 Fire
June: 1 Water (+)
Profile: 9 . 1 . 4

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From David’s architectural, landscape and design led background, combined with the tools supplied to him in Feng Shui, he is able to provide a down-to-earth and well presented survey and detailed report, totally unique to his client’s situation.

Following years of personal study and formal practitioner training by Feng Shui Master and author Jon Sandifer.

He has a deep understanding of all schools and methods, including powerful formulae handed down from Classical Imperial Chinese Feng Shui Masters.

David's knowledge base includes:

  • The Lo Pan compassForm school
  • Compass school; 8 house and Kua
  • Yuen Hom flying stars
  • Chinese Astrology; Nine Star Ki and Ba Zi (Four Pillars)
  • Imperial 24 Mountains and fates
  • Space and clutter clearing
  • Geopathic stress

Other studies and qualifications include:

  • Face Reading
  • Chi Kung
  • Do-IN
  • Hand Reading (Dip. Chiro)
  • Colour Psychology
  • Reiki Level 1
  • Touch For Health