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Feel Your way in the dark

The best way I found to discover how the Chi of a property or room flows, is to turn off all the lights.

Place maybe one candle in the centre of the room, the less light the better, only just illuminating the area for you to safely traverse your surroundings. Having no or very low light, strips away the constant use and need of our vision to be involved. We now-a-days rely more and more on our sight for indicators and stimuli throughout our lives.

But when dealing with the invisible energy of Chi, and in particular how and where it flows and feels, relying on our sight can often impede our ability to feel and use our deeper senses that can pick up the subtleties of Chi energy. I stumbled upon this reasoning when I felt it necessary to move my office around to improve my work area and furthermore performance. I found it worked much better for myself, being a designer, I am even more tied up in the visual cortex than most.

Chi energy can't be seen, it just is, so why don't we try to get onto that level.

Starting from the doorway, and with calm deliberation, slowly move around the room trying to sense any projections that can be shooting poison arrows or very dark areas which may be collecting negative Chi energy. You may also find areas that are slightly more difficult to move through without the full aid of your vision, which will also be making the flow of Chi less fluid.

You may get to an area which you feel simply needs a little attention of space clearing or a pile of clutter which jumps out at you that you never paid much attention to before. Clap your hands firmly to confirm your findings, if it is dull sounding, clear any negative areas until your clap is firm and loud.

Make a mental note of your findings during each room, possibly writing your thoughts on a note pad for reference before starting the next room.

The use of dowsing rods can help in following the path of Chi flow in your property and can also give an indication of stuck areas.

I found this low light method produces a further refinement to space arrangement. Bringing up subtleties that the furniture or other effects may be having on the room as a whole.

Article by © David Walters Dip. Chiro